Specialized Communications and Music for Cath Lab, EP, IR and Hybrid Operating Room Suites

This Cath Lab Intercom system will assist you and your staff when it counts!

Vitalinq Cath Lab Intercom Communication for the Team

Since 1986, Vis-A-Vis has been providing communication solutions for heart catheterization (cath) labs and similar environments such as interventional radiology (IR) labs and hybrid operating rooms. The Vitalinq intercom and wireless intercom systems make communication for the team simple and reliable.

Vitalinq Model 94A-07 Cath Lab Intercom and music system

Vitalinq Model 94A-07 Intercom and music system

The Vitalinq 94A-07, a combination intercom and music system, is the current model being offered for use in the cath, IR and hybrid OR types of environments. With this cath lab intercom system, the physician does not need to wear any devices.

Vitalinq 94W-15

Vitalinq Model 94W-15 Wireless communication

The Vitalinq 94W-15, a wireless headset system, has been developed to meet the communication needs typical in an electrophysiology (EP) lab environment. The Vitalinq 94W-15 can also be used to expand the functionality of the Vitalinq 94A-07.